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ACRS Community Services provides high quality person-centred support and services to people with a disability. Everyone is treated with respect and as an individual. We promote independence along with choice and control for every participant.


The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something

Our executive staff have many years of experience working in the disability related fields as support worker, team leader, support coordinator and have the qualification of community nursing (RN). The ACRS team’s strength comes from our members who use their combined experience and expertise to provide the correct care for the people in the community.


Empower People with Disabilities

The goal of ARCS community Services is to develop the services that enable participants to have choice and control and maintain their independence. We are a service provider who provides quality care and support.

ACRS Community Services

The key nature of ACRS Community Services “We treat all participants and staff with respect and dignity. We value their choices and assist them to achieve their goals”.

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